Upgrade Your Online Business with the CBD CLINIC Share Program 

Serve your patients better while increasing your revenue with the new CBD CLINIC Share Program. This program is specially designed to help you create or develop your online presence while reducing your financial risk. 

You’ll keep the same profit margins you had in your clinic, but with less hassle. All you have to do is share the link to the share platform (shop.cbdclinic.co) along with your unique coupon code. We’ll handle the rest! 

Benefits of the Share Program include:

  • No upfront costs. You do not have to purchase inventory. Your patients simply place an order online with your coupon code.
  • Work when and where you want. Set your own schedule. You’ll have an increased flexibility to sell products on your own time—without even needing to leave your home or have your patients come to your clinic.
  • Headache-free shipping. We ship products to your patients for you. All you have to do is tell them about the product. Simply share this link (shop.cbdclinic.co) and your coupon code. 
  • A reliable secondary income. You will receive your profits on the 20th of each month.
  • Secured private data. To protect both you and your patients’ private information, we have partnered with ShareASale, an online platform that ensures transparency and security.


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Watch the short video below to see how simple it is to register.

HCP Share Program FAQs

Is this program free to use?

Absolutely! You can sign up for the CBD CLINIC Share Program for free here and use the code CBD2020. Afterwards, share your unique code and link to the ShareASale platform (shop.cbdclinic.co) 

How do I register? 

The CBD CLINIC referral program is located within ShareAsale. In order to join our referral program, you must register using this URL. Since this is an invitation only program for professionals, you will be asked to enter the invitation code: CBD2020 

Next, you need to fill out the short application form. Once the application is complete, ShareASale will review it. ShareASale and CBD CLINIC will both send you an email notification upon approval.

How can I share my referral link?

You can share the link (shop.cbdclinic.co) and unique coupon code on your website and social media channels, or via email to your customers. Learn more about how the share program works here.

What’s my commission? 

You will earn the same commission from every sale you make as if you sold the product in your practice! You can keep track of your sales by visiting your ShareASale dashboard. 

How do payments work? 

Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month for the previous month’s commissions as long as you meet the minimum threshold of $50. 

Payment transfer options: 

  • Check 
  • ACH Direct Deposit 
  • Wire Transfer ($29 fee) 

Are there coupon codes I can offer to my customers? 

Yes! We provide a 33% off personal coupon code for you to share with your customers once you complete the sign up process and your account is approved. (Please note that you must have an Authorized Seller account with CBD CLINIC, to be eligible for this program.Once you are approved as an authorized seller, you can submit your request to join the Share Program). In order to get your unique code, please send an email to [email protected] with your desired coupon code name.